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The Chosen

Vampire Slayer

She stalks the lonely back alleys of Boston, the
deserted industrial docks of the harbor, seeking
revenge on the vampires who killed her mother.
Rashel Jordan knows where they live. But they
don't yet know that the black-haired, green-eyed
girl is deadly as she is beautiful, killing the
Night People one by one. Armed with a wooden
stake, martial arts, and the will to resist a vampire's
mind control, she is safe as long as her true identity
remains a secret. But when she rescues Daphne
Childs from certain death, she suddenly swept
into the Night World Slave Trade, gateway to the
vampires' secret enclave. Here Quinn is the
gatekeeper... dark, dangerous, irresistible. He
decides who is chosen. He holds the keys to the
realm Rashel is desperate to enter. She looks into
his eyes, stunned, to see her soulmate-a vampire
whose entire world she has vowed to destroy...

Stake him, Rashel told herself.

She didn't know what was wrong with her.
Okay, this vampire was charming-in a weird
way. But she'd known other charming vam-
pires-smooth, practiced flatterers who tried
to sweet-talk or cajole their way out of being
staked. Some had tried to seduce her. Almost
all had tried mind control. It was only because
Rashel had the will to resist telepathy that she
was alive today.
But this vampire wasn't doing any of the
ordinary things-and when he laughed, it
made Rashel's heart thump oddly. His whole
face changed when he laughed. A sort of light
shone in it.
Girl, you are in trouble. Kill him quick.