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The Chase

They're playing the game of their lives.

Why is her boyfriend Tom avoiding her - while the other boys pursue her as never before? Jenny Thornton has changed. So have her friends. Because of Julian, the Shadow Man, who has returned to terrorize them with a new game, a hunting game, Lambs and Monsters. They're the lambs, to be stalked, pounced upon, and lost to the Shadow World forevermore. The monsters are the Lurker, a ghostly wolf, and the Creeper, a phantom snake. One by one, Jenny's friends disappear, leaving behind only a paper doll - and a riddle with clues about who will be next... Jenny must find Julian's hidden base and save her friends before it's too late. But how can she resist the predatory prince of darkness who has returned to make her his own?

Don't run Don't run Don't run...

That car was ahead, looking black instead of red
in the darkness beyond a streetlight. Jenny heard
what sounded like eerily rapid breathing behind


"Get the keys," she gasped. "Get the keys, Au-

Here was the car. But the rustling was right beside
Jenny no, jusy on the other side of the hedge...

Audrey was fumbling in her purse. She'd dropped
her shoes. Jenny grabbed the door handle.

"Audrey!" she cried, rattling it.

Audrey flung the contents of her purse on the
sidewalk. She scattered the pile with a desparte
hand, seized the keys.

"Audrey! get it open!" Jenny watched in agony as
Audrey ran to the diver's side of the car, leaving
the contents of her purse scattered.

But it was late. There was a crashing in the
hedge directly behind Jenny.

At the same moment a dark shape reared up from
the shadows on the sidewalk in front of her....