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The Hunter

Play at your own risk.

He sold her the Game, and Jenny Thornton walked out mesmerized by Julian, the gorgeous cyber-punk with electric blue eyes and forst-white hair. When ahe and her friends open the box at her boyfriend Tom's birthday party, she chills to the warning: "Entering the Shadow World can be deadly. Do so at your own risk." Spellbound, they piece together the cardboard Victorian house and decorate the rooms with their darkest nightmares. Suddenly the game is real! They're in the house of horrors, running from The Shadow Man - Julian himself, who forces them to confront their worst nightmares or be lost in a private hell. It's Julian's game, and Jenny is the prize he's stalked for years. He'll do anything to win her as she bargains desperately for her body - and soul...

"Can I help you?"

The voice spoke from right behind her. Jenny
turned - and lost her breath.

Eyes. Blue eyes. Except that they weren't just
blue, they were a shade Jenny couldn't
describe. The only time she'd seen a blue like
that was when she once happened to wake up at
the precise instant of dawn and she'd glimpsed
an unbeliveable, luminous color that had
lasted only a second beforefading to the
ordinary blue of the sky.

No boy should have eyes as blue as that, and
especially not surrounded by lashes so heavy they
seemed to weigh his eyelids down. This boy had
the most startling coloring she'd ever seen. His
eyelashes were black, but his hair was white -
true white, the color of frost, of tendrils of
mist. He was... well, beautiful. But in the
most exotic, uncanny way imaginable, as if
just stepped in from another world. Jenny's
reaction was instant, total, and absolutely
terrifying. She forgot Tom's existence.