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The Kill

Beat The Devil

It was Julian's last challenge before he disappeared into the Shadow World, taking Jenny Thornton's boyfriend Tom and her cousin Zach: "If you want them, come on a treasure hunt. But remember: if you lose, there's the devil to pay."
Jenny, Audrey, Micheal, and Dee have burned their bridges, leaving their families behind, to enter the Shadow World with a set of runes, magical letters that open the doors of hell. They're lost in an amusement park nightmare, at Julian's mercy as they look for Tom and Zach. Jenny's only clue is a gold coin, Julian's gift, and Julian himself, more beautiful, more seductive, more dangerous than ever. and determined to make her his bride...

Then the whispering began.

It started so softly that at first she thought it might
be the blood rushing in her ears. But it was real.
The voices were distant and musical - and menac-
ing. What they were saying was too indistinct to
be made out.

Shoulders hunched, Jenny turned her head slowly,
trying to locate the sound. And there, in the dark-
ness, she saw eyes.

They glowed with their own light, like foxfire.
They were cold, ravenous. She recognized them
from her grandfather's closet.

The Shadow Men.