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My Books

These are the books by L.J. Smith that I own. The ones with a * are ones that I have not read as of yet.

*The Night of the Solstice
*Heart of Valor
*The Secret Circle vol.3: The Power
The Vampire Diaries vol.1: The Initiation
*The Vampire Diaries vol.3: The Fury
*The Vampire Diaries vol.4: The Reunion
The Forbidden Game vol.1: The Hunter
The Forbidden Game vol.2: The Chase
The Forbidden Game vol.3: The Kill
The Forbidden Game Speacial Edition
Dark Visions vol.1: The Strange Power
Dark Visions vol.2: The Possessed
Dark Visions vol.3: The Passion
Night World: Secret Vampie
Night World: Daughters of Darkness
Night World: Spellbinder
Night World: Dark Angel
Night World: The Chosen
Night World: Soulmate
Night World: Huntress
Night World: Black Dawn
Night World: Witchlight

You are thecreature from the night to enter.