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Eternal Love

Hannah Snow's life was so together. Friends,
terrific grades, dreams of a career in paleontology.
Everything was perfect... until the notes started
appearing. Notes in her own handwritting, warning
Dead Before Seventeen.

The psychiatrist was supposed to help. But what
came out of the age regressions were memories of
another time, another life. And of a stranger who
tore her world apart... a vampire who killed a
village in his rage. Until, in the eyes of a dying
human girl, he recognized his soulmate.

Now the strange is back. He has searched for
Hannah throughoutthe years, trying to make
amends, waiting for her to be born. Now he is
Thierry, the Lord of the Night World-and nothing
in heaven or hell will keep him from his soulmate
again. But if her destiny is death, can even
Thierry's love protect her?

"it's all true," Hannah whispered.

"Yes." His dark eyes were so sad.
"It's... I've had past lives."
"Yes." He squatted on the ground, looking
down as if he couldn't keep staring at her face
anymore. He picked up a pebble, examined it.
Hannah noticed that his fingers were long and
"You're an Old Soul," he said quietly.
"You've had lots of lives."
"I was Hana of the Three Rivers."
His fingers stopped rolling the pebble. "Yes."
"And you're Thierry. And you're a..."
He didn't look up. "Go on. Say it."
Hannah couldn't. Her voice wouldn't form
the word.
The stranger-Thierry-said it for her. "Vam-
pires are real." A glance from those unfathom-
able eyes. "I'm sorry."
Hannah said quietly, "Are you going to kill
me now?"