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Her name is Blaise and she's irresistible to boys.
Her dark, smoldering beauty is an invitation to
jealousy and madness. And now she's ready for the
kill. Eric Ross is the perfect catch, a star athlete
who wans to be a vet. "Hands off," warns her
cousin Thea, who is determined to protect this
particular human boy from the girl who was born to
destroy men.

Blaise's black magic is powerful. The only way
Thea can fight back is to use her own white magic,
to bewitch Eric herself as a bluff. But soon Thea
finds herself getting too close to Eric, feeling
forbidden emotions, breaking Night World laws.
Falling in love. As Halloween and the Night of the
Witch draw closer, can Thea save Eric-and
herself-from Blaise's vengeance?

I'm Blaise Harman"

The voice was low and liquid. "And you're...
Eric nodded, still blinking.
Yes, he's dazed all right, Thea thought. The jerk.
She was surprised at her own vehemence.
"Good, bacause I wouldn't want to give this to
the wrong person." Blaise produced the notebook
from behind her back like a magician.
"Oh-where'd you get that?" Eric looked re-
lieved and grateful. "I've been looking every-
"My cousin gave it to me," Blaise said carelessly.
She held onto the notebook as he tried to take
it, and their fingers touched. "Wait. You owe me
something for bring it back, don't you?"
Her voice was purr. And now Thea knew,
without a doubt, what was going to happen.
Eric was doomed.
Done for, lost, a goner. Blaise had chosen him,
and it was only a matter of how she was going to
play him.