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The Night World

You are thecreature from the night to enter since January 03, 1998.

Here are the following pages that are fairly completed. I'm still working on a lot of other things for this page, but they're really big things that takes a lot of time to work on. I still have the survey at the bottom of the page, so feel free to take it.

P.S. I will also be doing infomation on L.J. Smith's other novels when I get the time.

My books The collection of L.J. Smith books that I currently own.

Night World Book Summaries Summaries of the books in the Night World series.

*New*Forbidden Game Book Summaries Summaries of the books in the Forbidden triology.

*New*Results The results to that survey!

1) Which of the following is your favorite book in the series?

2) Which is your favorite pair of soulmates?

3) Comments or suggestions?

4) Would you like the results to this survey to be posted later?

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